Kamis, 23 Desember 2010


I think, i has mistake last momen. I hurt someone loved me! I’m very stupid and bad. But now, i concious for my mistake, and i’m sorry. I hope you get apologize. I will do anything for you. Now, i’m falling in love with you. I don’t know what happen to me!! In my mind just you, everywhere, everytime. You know,.
I don’t know what in your heart and mind! What you feel same me ????? i and you far, but my heart always just for you. Our comunication very good. I hope this is first our relation ship. I can’t go far for you. I’m just need you, no other. I hope we can like last moment!!! i want you any in beside me always, and forever...
And i make a wish, can relation ship with you again. well, my wish make fact. One month ago, i had relationship with him. But, my relation just several weeks, because my parents don’t agree with him. I was sad, because i want he beside me. I can’t do anything, just save your love in my heart. You know, now i can’t has relationship with other, because i just love you. Just you in my heart. I always remember you in my mind. You make me crazy. Our love like a wind, I can’t see it, but i can fell it.

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