Senin, 14 Mei 2012

peRgi unTuk kembaLi kepaDaku

When I fell
You have reached out to me, you're trying to hold tight to the hand is to get up and stand up for life in the future to continue the story later.
You inject enthusiasm and motivation in my life endlessly, not tired, you keep doing that so I stand tall and accept all the bitterness of the past, to back up with a new spirit and a more beautiful piece for later.
I actually did not realize that you are always there for me.
You're there when I'm sad, happy, thrilled, excited, all of them.
You always supported whatever I want to do, purely for my happiness.
After the years we have been well-informed through a variety of life but in a different way.
I just realized that you're there for me, always.
Thank you, you have come back to me again.
Only met a few days, you had to go looking for something that might also be useful for us later.
But, it's okay, I'll keep waiting for you here until you come again and again for me.
Go to back to me Baby
I would really, really miss you at all times.

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